Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Monet Gardening Programs for 2010

May 24: "Pollinators" by Jen Mohler, Master Gardener

Designing and planting a garden to attract bees and other pollinators to our gardens. Includes the importance of attracting our native pollinators.

June 28: "Planting Container Gardens" by Val Albright, Master Gardener

Pots are planted during the discussion of container gardening principals.

July 12: "Flower Pressing" by Kathy Bootie, Master Gardener

Learn to preserve beauty by pressing flowers for pictures, book marks, trays, etc.
August 9: "Herb Gardening" by Susan Smith, Master Gardener

Selecting, growing, making beverages, oils, salad dressing and decorative use.

September 13: "Gardening Thru the Seasons" by Bonnie Griffith, Master Gardener.

Learn what to plant and how to care for your garden in all four seasons.

October 11: "Designing with Native Plants" by Louise Brewer, Master Gardener

A diverse mix of native plants restores crucial habitat for wildlife including insects, birds, butterflies and a year long food supply for them.

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